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WFM People is the leading Field Marketing agency in the Benelux; strategically connecting brands to people through Field Force & Brand Activation support. Our philosophy is “Be the Brand Ambassador”.

Our Story

With over more than 30 years of experience we are delighted to support national & international brands with the development of their sales and marketing plans in the Benelux market.

With a flexible human to human approach from our local agencies in the Netherlands and Belgium, we are able to support your brand to business relations and end-users. We are an active partner in Europa. This gives us access to an operational and strategic partner network in more than 33 countries.


WFM People supplies field marketing and sales solutions that demonstrably improve the visibility, sales and business intelligence of brands. We connect shoppers to the most beautiful brands in the world with an unforgettable brand experience.

What We Do

We support our business partners in the best way through the execution of their marketing and sales activities. Our flexible and professional hands-on managers & ambassadors work with commitment and pleasure in an open & transparent way to achieve best results. We believe you should communicate with the same voice and messaging to consumers, employees, retailers, business relations and shareholders. And understand the interaction between brands, retailers and shoppers.

Whether it’s creating a unique concept, event, brand loyalty, store value proposition, sales uplift or product placement and installation; we got the right people to believe in your brand and support your business in the best way.


We are a team of nearly 700 brand ambassadors, merchandisers, promoters, sales drivers, project managers, marketing ninja’s constantly inspiring each other to deliver cutting-edge work in Field Force and Brand Activation. We are in the business of making effective campaigns to promote the best story.


Field Force

Improve brand visibility & increase your sales targets during Point Of Sale operations.

Field Management Support

Increase productivity and achieve success on KPI’s efficiently.

Brand Activation

Activate brand preference with powerful face-to-face contact.

Supporting the most beautiful brands in the world


According to the research by salary processor ADP, employees have started to look at work differently in recent years. Salary is, as the main motivator, slower to a lesser extent decisive. The Dutch people would also experience significantly less stress than other Europeans. ADP writes in its research report that…

Tinti is a renowned manufacturer of bath toys in Germany. From August they have entered the Belgian retail market. WFM People provides the introductory sales runs at Carrefour Belgium for loading a display campaign. WFM People provides a Field Force action for a successful launch in Belgium.

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