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Field marketing services are an important extension of your brand. Together with your key stakeholders we take care of the complete process. From recruitment, training & field support, communication and distribution: We provide a full-service solution for all your sales & marketing needs.

Field Force

Improve brand visibility & increase your sales targets during Point Of Sale operations.

Field Management Support

Increase productivity and achieve success on KPI’s efficiently.

Brand Activation

Activate brand preference with powerful face-to-face contact.


According to the research by salary processor ADP, employees have started to look at work differently in recent years. Salary is, as the main motivator, slower to a lesser extent decisive. The Dutch people would also experience significantly less stress than other Europeans. ADP writes in its research report that…

Tinti is a renowned manufacturer of bath toys in Germany. From August they have entered the Belgian retail market. WFM People provides the introductory sales runs at Carrefour Belgium for loading a display campaign. WFM People provides a Field Force action for a successful launch in Belgium.

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