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Field Force

Improve brand visibility & increase your sales targets during Point Of Sale operations. WFM Field Force is the key to making the right strategic decisions, by collecting current product presence & market insights.

What is Field Force

Your sales and merchandising objectives can be achieved efficiently by deploying a team of professional field ambassadors. From flexible deployment in short-term projects, to long-term secondment to your organisation. We create the right market operations plan appropriate for your objectives, and we take up all the work.

Why choose Field Force

Give field ambassadors the power to engage with customers and turn hot leads into sales orders. One touch is all you need to file work orders, as well as check-in & communicate with your team. Increase your productivity and improve sales targets by hiring flexible sales teams.

Take advantage of all the benefits of flexibility!

“Maintain maximal control of the timely presence of POS materials in the store with Field Force.”


Store audits allow you to investigate a company’s goals and strategy. They also give you a reading on customer reactions to your product, which translates into customer’s loyalty. Our auditors carry out daily surveys at food and non-foods departments. They are passionate about their profession and have acquired extensive experience. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, our WFM ambassadors know exactly how to approach an audit.

Here is how you can implement Auditing:

  • Price registration
  • Data collection
  • Mystery visits
  • Out of Stock registration
  • Point Of Sale

Sales Support

Sales representatives are most effective when they have the right amount of support. But exactly how much support staff does a company need? WFM Sales Support helps your sales representatives focus on actually selling and closing deals. Based on your marketing or sales calendar, you may need temporary sales support to bring your products and campaigns to your target group’s attention.

We offer the right sales team to visit your sales channels, based on your marketing and sales calendar, in well-defined sales waves or dedicated visits. We offer you the flexibility to achieve your commercial objectives quickly and efficiently, and in short, increase your revenue!

Here is how you can implement Sales Support:

  • Ad hoc
  • Outsourcing
  • Secondment of dedicated and syndicated sales power

Merchandising Services

The in-store product position can greatly affect its performance. Therefore, the presentation must be effective, efficient and provide a finished product that enhances the overall image of the store. WFM Merchandising Services provides the tools and expertise to ensure you are managing your space and range to their full potential. Our field ambassadors and shelf specialists ensure the right brand presentation at shop level by managing shelf maintenance, construction, installation, conversion, and furnishing of the shop shelves.

Based on the planogram, category vision as well as their own insights and experience, they will find the right balance between strategy and local situation. Additionally, they make sure to communicate with the shop staff and train them to guarantee local involvement.

Here is how you can implement Merchandising Services:

  • Shelf maintenance & rack jobbing
  • Visual merchandising
  • Technical merchandising
  • 2e placement by POS /display

Health & Beauty Team

Je kent het wel, je hebt geen eigen buitendienst, terwijl je wel behoefte hebt aan invloed op de winkelvloer. Met als doel om de beschikbaarheid en zichtbaarheid van de producten te optimaliseren bij zelfstandige drogisterijen, apotheken en parfumerieën.

Bij WFM People doen we dat anders… Wij gaan voor meetbare resultaten met ons Health and Beauty Team. Het team bestaat uit ervaren buitendienst- medewerkers die zorgen voor invulling van diverse activiteiten op de winkelvloer.

Kortom; met Fieldmarketing en Brand Activation in ons DNA zijn wij de partner om jouw product- en merkpresentatie te verbeteren.

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