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What do you find important with your employer?

According to the research by salary processor ADP, employees have started to look at work differently in recent years. Salary is, as the main motivator, slower to a lesser extent decisive. The Dutch people would also experience significantly less stress than other Europeans.

ADP writes in its research report that the outcomes are important for the HR department in order to connect the people in the tightening labor market. ‘An organization is the team of its people.
That’s why employers have to invest in their people. To ensure that their employees are not only motivated to do their work, but also to do this work with love. ‘

Within the group of 61 percent who do not put the salary and the remuneration at the top of their list, a good relationship with colleagues is most often mentioned as the main motivator (30%), then the work-life balance (25%), appreciation of the managers ( 18%), a varied job (14%) and the possibility to plan activities of workload (13%).

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